Mini big brick quilt


This is one of the easiest quilts in the world to make, mistakes are ok and only add to the brick effect. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the name comes from the uneven alignment of the pieces of fabrics or bricks creating a wall effect and I think in the grey, red and orange mix I made it looks really sweet.
The quilt size I made is big enough for a pram or Moses basket

You will need:

8 fat quarters of fabric
Quilt wadding
Backing and binding fabric

Sewing machine

To start divide all of your fat quarters into even pieces, this should give you 6 pieces per fat quarter, and arrange them in the order of your quilt. In order to get the brick effect, don’t worry too much about them being exactly the same size, a couple of mm difference is fine.
I should point out here that this really is the cheats way to make a brick quilt and that there is a proper way of doing it – I’m making a double bed version at the moment

Now, sew together your fat quarters in strips of 4 then join all of these together to make the centre of your quilt, you could make your quilt larger or smaller at this stage.

Attach to the wadding and backing fabric using tacking thread, then sew over some of the squares to create that quilted effect, you can use any design you like here.

Trim the edges, and cut some strips of fabric for the edging – these should be a couple of inches wide- sew down first one edge to the back of the quilt, ensuring you tuck under the raw edge of the fabric, followed by the other edge onto the front of the quilt. The best stitch to use for this is a slip stitch. And that’s it, your done!

Alongside this quilt, I have been very busy trying to get organised for Christmas which is a whole 13 weeks away, apparently, this is causing no end of confusion for my children! But here’s what I’ve been busy making




Etsy page…!!

Just to let you know, all of my creations are on sale on my etsy shop Alba makes, happy shopping!

Christmas stocking


Ok it’s 102 days until chrimbo (which is aaaaggeess!) but if your like me and you want to make something for others – in my case my children- it takes a bit of forward planning!

So, to make a basic Christmas stocking you will need:

Fabric for the outer layer
Quilt liner or something similar
Lining fabric
Sewing machine/needle and thread

Draw a stocking template on a large piece of paper, then using this template cut 2 pieces from each fabric, it’s handy to do this by folding each fabric in two, pinning it through 2 layers so that you get a front and back

Now, if you want to add stitched on decoration, select the outer front of your stocking and stitch away, now is the time to let your imagination run wild!

Once you’ve done the decoration, pin your pieces together as follows, 2 outer layers, right sides together, followed by the wadding then the lining with the right sides of the lining facing out

Stitch all round leaving the opening open!-that could cause problems for Santa!

Then, cut a strip the same length as the top of the stocking, pin this under inside and out and stitch et voila! A Christmas stocking!

Colour pop cross-over dress

Firstly, I must apologise for the poor quality picture, thanks to the rain and gloomy, grey sky here in bonnie Scotland combined with the photo quality of an I-pad ( not as good as the advert) I’ve ended up with a pretty rubbish picture, anyhoo here are the instructions for my colour pop cross over dress, I made mine in aged 18-24 months and if anybody is interested, I have things for sale on the Facebook page , you can’t use folksy ir etsy as a seller on the iPad 😦

So, instructions: a similar idea to the pinafore dress earlier in the blog, but slightly different

If you like use an item of clothing for a rough template to get sizing for you little girls dress

The front: cut a piece which would end an inch below the nipples, remember to leave a 1.5 cm hem allowance, now shape the arm pit bit, making it quite roomy, toddlers need space to run about in their clothes! And shape the neck, I made it quite low, hem all the edges, to make the skirt, place the top onto the fabric and cut and a shape with an inch and a half either side – this will allow you to make the box pleat for the skirt

Now, get your pins at the ready and put the top in the middle of the skirt piece, mark the middle with a pin. Measure 3 cm either side of the pin and tuck the fabric under 1.5cm on both sides and pin in place. join the top and skirt together and stitch, making sure you sew the pleat in.

To make the back skirt cut a piece the same length as the front skirt panel and join the two skirt panels together, if you want to add a lining then follow the instructions on the pretty pinafore dress.

Now measure the strap length from the back to the front, cut two strips and hem or sew in a strip of lining fabric, then cross over the pieces and stitch to the centre of the back of the dress


Add buttons and buttonholes and ta dah! Your done!

Chocolate kick cookies


These are a definite favourite in our house and the batch never normally lasts past a couple of days! The name comes from my sons inability as a toddler to say chocolate chip cookies, and its just stuck! we’ve been making them for nearly 6 years now and I have to say they are one of my face bakes to make (and eat!) quick, easy and very moorish -and great eaten still warm when the chocolate chunks are still gooey!

Ingredients: 100g butter
50g Demerara sugar
75 g caster sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste
150g self raising flour
150g plain chocolate, I use bournville

1. Preheat the oven to 180c and line 2 baking trays with grease proof paper
2. Cream together the butter and sugars until light and fluffy
3. Add the egg and vanilla and beat again- told you it was easy!
4. Fold in the flour
5. Chop the chocolate into chunks and fold in
6. Now, using a teaspoon put heaped blobs onto the baking tray and bake for roughly 10 minutes until golden brown……delicious!

The cot quilt -finally finished!!

So here, it is, finally finished, my pretty cot quilt!

Making a basic quilt like this is quite an easy way to start quilting, so, if you want to have a bash then here are the instructions-sadly no pics as I forgot!

First, cut 12 20cm x 20cm squares of fabric in your choice, I picked four fabrics, it’s always good to have a creamy coloured fabric to pull it all together
Stitch these together in rows of 3 then join all these together to make a rectangle

If you want to add any appliqué, now is the time, I added some hearts and did a wee bit of embroidery!

Then cut four lengths of fabric to match the edges of your quilt then stitch the long sides on first, followed by the short sides sewing the short sides over the excess of the long sides – hope that makes sense!

Now to choose your inner layer, I used fleece as I had some that needed using up but you can buy special quilt wadding, also choose a backing fabric and cut a piece to match the size of your quilt

Pin all of these pieces together with plenty of pins to stop any crinkles!

If you like sew round the edges to give a sort of border to the centre pieces

Now for the edging! Cut four 5 cm wide strips matching the edges of the quilt from your left o er backing fabric. Now, use a one cm hem and pin it first to one side of the quilt, I hand stitched the edging but machine stitch it if you prefer, once you’ve finished, fold it over to the back and pin under the edging 1cm and stitch it down

Work your way round folding in the corners neatly as you go – trimming if necessary until your finished and have a beautiful quilt!!

The cot quilt

My most recent project, a cute cot quilt in liberty tana lawn which came off eBay for 99p a piece, I know a bargain!! Anyway, as I’m stash busting, I thought I’d make it into a pretty
love themed cot quilt decorated with hearts, as you can see its a work in progress which I should finish this week


It’s very pretty!

Also, my iPad isn’t able to connect to etsy to sell stuff so I have set up a Facebook page called alba makes alas only featuring the pretty pinafore of the previous post which is aged 2-3 and priced £25, anyone interested please get in touch, either through here or fb!

Today was a day of trying to amuse my children, we went to see brave at the cinema which was fab, although my 6 year old was a wee bit scared at times….managed to divert him with haribo though! Anyway, can highly recommend it, a good few laughs for the whole family and a lovely story!

Finally, will pop the cot quilt up on here later on in the week!

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